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Racism in Israeli Education (Resources)

Friday 26 March 2021 by Rania

Poet Michael Rosen on children in Gaza (Resources)

Saturday 27 February 2021 by Rania
THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 2009 I just received word that the British poet and writer Michael Rosen, 2007 British Children’s Laureate, read a new poem last weekend at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, in London. The Tanjara blog has video of the actual reading which included children reading the names (...)


Saturday 27 February 2021 by Rania
Collateral damage. Casualties of war. Seen but not heard. Neither seen nor heard. There are none. They don’t exist. They are the cradle of terrorists. Rubble is their toy. Ideas are their weapons. They are not children. They can’t be children. Let us not hear of such things. (...)

Young Palestinians Speak (Resources)

Thursday 25 February 2021 by Rania
Anthony Robinson is the author of the Refugee Diaries series, and Street Children (Frances Lincoln). Annemarie Young is co-author with Michael Rosen of Who are Refugees and Migrants? What Makes People Leave Their Homes? And Other Big Questions (Wayland) which was shortlisted for the School (...)

New Bookbird Issue 4 / 2020 - Focus IBBY (Resources)

Monday 15 February 2021 by Rania
Bookbird A Journal of International Children’s Literature Bookbird: A Journal of International Children’s Literature (ISSN 0006 7377) is a refereed journal published quarterly by IBBY. Bookbird aims to communicate new ideas to the community of readers interested in children’s books and is open to (...)

Palestinian Children’s Literature (Resources)

Monday 15 February 2021 by Rania
February 12, 2021 N.A. Mansour on Sonia Nimr Sonia Nimr, Wondrous Journeys in Strange Lands. Trans. Marcia Lynx Qualey. Interlink Books, 2020. $15.00 (paperback) We do not allow our characters rest. They are called upon to entertain us by darting to and fro, falling in love, living out our (...)

Relevant Websites (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
Palestinian Sites http://www.tamerinst.org http://www.maan-ctr.org/ https://www.defenceforchildren.org/dci-worldwide/middle-east/palestine.html http://www.qattanfoundation.org http://www.altufula.org http://www.ecrc-jer.org http://www.alaswar.org http://www.alhayatlilatfal.net (...)

Ulf Stark (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
The boy, the girl and the wall http://astridlindgrenmemorialaward.wordpress.com/tag/ulf-stark/ Posts Tagged ‘Ulf Stark’ The boy, the girl and the wall February 27, 2011 The Swedish writer Ulf Stark (nominated to the 2011 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award) travelled to the West Bank last year. In (...)

What Would Anne Frank Have Said? (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
Beverley Naidoo What Would Anne Frank Have Said? This article first appeared in the Times Educational Supplement (19.5.2000) and in Writing in Education (Summer 2000) As the child of a Jewish mother born in South Africa during the Second World War, I grew up with Anne Frank’s diary. Hers was (...)

’Tasting the Sky’: An Interview (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
The Nation ’Tasting the Sky’: An Interview With Ibtisam Barakat By Molly Bennet June 4, 2007 EDITOR’S NOTE: Ibtisam Barakat, who lives in Columbia, Missouri, is the author of the memoir Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood, recently published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Barakat first (...)


Monday 10 February 2014
Beverley Naidoo WHO WILL WAKE JUSTICE UP? Beverley Naidoo (published by TES 9.11.2001 entitled ’Real suffering speaks truth about injustice’) Imagine a narrow school hall filled with teenage schoolgirls in the week after September 11th. They have read the opening of my novel The Other Side of (...)

A Little Piece of Ground (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
Elizabeth Laird With Sonia Nimr What Liz Laird said about writing the book: http://www.elizabethlaird.co.uk/#!a-little-piece-of-ground/cyw1 Outside the home of the Aboudi in the Palestinian city of Ramallah, an Israeli tank blocks the street. Armed troops have kept the inhabitants inside (...)

Palestinians in Fiction for Young People (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
Elsa. Marston Wasafiri Issue 60, December 2009 Elsa Marston No matter how subtly, or how well wrapped in drama, fantasy or humour, literary fiction for young people conveys values — and surely we would not want it any other way. Of quite a different order, however, is the reflection of a (...)

The Shepherd’s Granddaughter (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
Anne Carter Award Letter February 2, 2009 Dear Staff of Groundwood Books, On behalf of the International Reading Association’s Notable Books for a Global Society, it is my distinct pleasure to inform you that our committee has selected one of the extraordinary titles from your publishing house (...)

ICBD 2014 (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
Letter to the children of the world International Children Book Day 2014 Ireland Readers often ask writers how it is that they write their stories – where do the ideas come from? From my imagination, the writer answers. Ah, yes, readers might say. But where is your imagination, and what is (...)

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
Tamer Institute for Community Education "For its exceptional reading promotion work, the Tamer Institute for Community Education has been awarded the 2009 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award." Click on the page for the full article (...)

Children Under Occupation (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
This article was published in "Corner Stone" (Issue 41 - Summer 2006) Click on the photo for the full edition.

Finding Palestine in Children’s Books (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
Elsa Marston The Arab world in children’s books Finding Palestine Abstract In this article based on a talk given at an international conference on children’s literature sponsored by the Lebanese Association of Women Researchers, Marston writes about the depiction of Arabs and Palestinians, in (...)

Telling the Truth for Palestinian Children (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
A presentation by the Canadian writer Anne Carter at IBBY 30th Congress in Macau Speech http://www.ibby.org/index.php?id=638 And PowerPoint presentation This was presented at IBBY 30 Congress in Macau- China in 2006 Telling the Truth for Palestinian Children Anne Laurel Carter/Canada The (...)

Medchild Award- Posted IBBY WP (Resources)

Monday 10 February 2014
Tamer Institute for Community Education was awarded the First Medchild Award for Best Practice for the category of Education and Culture. The award is of the value €25.000. It is the first time that this award is launched and it is an award for the promotion of children rights and their (...)

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