Celebration of Children Literature in Palestine

الثلاثاء 30 كانون الأول (ديسمبر) 2014.

IBBY Palestine organized a meeting on December 22nd 2014, in cooperation with Tamer Institute to celebrate children literature in Palestine and to give the Honour List Certificates for 2012-2014 winners from Palestine, distinguished for excellence.
The meeting was conducted by Ahmad Heneiti and included:

1. a beautiful story telling of Mukhtar abu Dinien Kbar by Fida Atayya accompanied with soft Oud music by Osama Diyab
2. A short briefing by Jehan Helou about the importance of IBBY’s Honour List and the recent activities of PBBY.
3. Arham Damen offered the certificates with a bunch of flowers to:

• Sonia Nimr for her book ‘Rihlat Ajeebah fi al-Bilad al-Gharibah’ (Wonderful Trips in the Mysterious World) for the quality of writing
• Abdullah Qawariq for the title ‘Mukhtar abu Dinien Kbar’ (Mukhtar and his Big Ears) for the quality of illustrations

• Maya Abu Alhayyat the title ‘al-Ta’er al-Ahmar’ (The Red Bird) by Astrid Lindgren for the quality of translation.
• Tamer Institute for Community Education the publisher of the three books. Received by the General Director Renad Qubbaj

At the end of the meeting the winners talked briefly about the process of this creativity

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