They Killed Everything We Love

Monday 10 February 2014

They Killed Everything We Love

In one of the black nights, and it was a Wednesday, the Israeli occupation invaded Beit Hanoun, and all the tanks with its artillery and huge bulldozers were destroying everything, and we slept scared, and in the black morning the tank fired on our house three shells and a rocket, and the first shell hit the room my siblings and I were sleeping in.
My sister Hanin was injured in the leg and we took her to hospital. The second shell hit the staircase and we couldn’t walk on it, and the third hit the roof and destroyed the water barrels and burned the hay arbor on our roof, and caused a huge fire, so we escaped from the house and took nothing with us, not even the slippers.
We escaped shivering from fear, the tanks in front of us. After we escaped to a nearby house and came back the next day to see the house, we saw the fire burning in it, and we tried to put it off but couldn’t because there was no water, and the civil defense car cannot reach the place because it’s besieged and scary. When I saw that the situation was difficult, we took some necessities from the house and headed to the schools.
We slept in the school for twelve days and the atmosphere was very cold, there was no water and no food, and not even a place to sleep in. We heard that the Israelis were bombarding everything, even the schools, and that a school got bombarded in Beit Lahia and there is a big number of martyrs; children, elderly and women. Our fear increased and we returned home after that and slept there with terrorizing fear. We tidied up the house and cleaned it from stones and splinters and dust, and we slept but we were extremely terrified.
When we saw on television the corpses on the ground we had great sorrow for these people. The Zionist occupation planes hit three small siblings Hia (4 years old) and Lama (11 years old) and the boy Ismail (9 years old) when they were throwing the garbage in the garbage container on Al-Sikka Street in Beit Hanoun. The F16 planes bombarded, and we saw them on the ground dying. The two girls were killed, and Ismail was seriously wounded and bled. After the condolences for Hia and Lama ended, Ismail died and I saw his mother and his father and siblings crying bitterly. Why did the Israelis kill them when they had done nothing to them, I hate the Zionists who destroyed our home and injured my sister and the children and killed everything we love.

Lamis Younes Audeh
PBBY Library
Al- Ata’ Charity Association- Beit Hanoun

Translated by Hadi Ruhayem

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