Children’s Sufferings during the Aggression on Gaza

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Seraj Abu Taha
16 years

When I knew about the
aggression, I was so scared
because I am afraid of the sounds
of planes and the whistling of their
the deadly missile, they kill even
Children without mercy. The
painful sight of children and the
voices of their parents crying cut
my heart into pieces. I keep
imagining myself in their shoes.
The fear that comes to me with
every sound of an airplane, the
buzzing of “zanana”, an Israeli
drone, or the sound of a missile
falling from the sky. Every minute I
lived during the war I wished time
would go faster. I do not like
Israeli aggressions. I want to be
wrapped in the arms of my
parents with love, safety, and

_ Khitam El-Hissi
16 years

For three days, I was like a caged bird that does not eat or drink, only watching the news. I was like a volcano of pain and my eyes did not stop shedding sad tears. I could hear the sounds of missiles falling everywhere, and my facial features were enough to express the extent of my fear and terror. It terrifies me the idea that ​​these missiles would fall on my house or the house of my beloved ones or lose one of my relatives or friends.

I talk to you about the darkness of the night without electricity. Our few hours of sleep being interrupted by the terrifying sound of explosions, and the shaky ground in the middle of the night. I talk to you about the voices of children with every missile that falls, which fills the air with fear and terror, wondering how the sky is carrying the planes that bombard us.

Oh, Life! Could you please stop being unjust to us? We want to enjoy a day without the sound of the buzzing of planes, is that too much to ask for? Life would be so short for us to get rid of the fear and terror that has become dwelling in our hearts. We want your mercy, O God, to live a safe life free of aggression.

Mohammed Shabat
11 years

What I love the most about the summer vacation is that we visit our relatives on the weekends and sleep over there, where I can have enough time to play and have fun. Unfortunately, we could not leave home due to the news that aggression has just started. Yes, I am sad that I did not go to my relative’s house, but that’s okay, I don’t want to go anymore, but I don’t want to live another aggression too!

I am so scared, and I know for sure that I will have nightmares, so I planned to isolate myself from this terrifying environment, by covering my ears so I couldn’t hear the voices of explosions. It was a useless attempt. I couldn’t even sleep in my room, or go to the bathroom alone. They said the aggression has ended, what is the point of that when we will carry its fear, and the death smell within us for the rest of our life? We finally visited our relative’s house, but all we did is recalling the aggression’s events through our play.

Malak Ouda, 13 years

I love traveling and I hope to travel one day to any Arab or foreign country, where I will have the opportunity to know more about its culture, customs, traditions and clothing. In the last aggression, one of the conditions to declare the ceasefire was to reopen our airport!

I was so optimistic that my dream will come true eventually, but it began to fade day after day I realized that the conditions were only ink on paper and that every aggression left us with only losing dear people, destroying hope. Peace and safety.

This aggression was fast in its days and difficult in its consequences. It destroyed my mental health and terrified me. In every war we lose young and old people in order to defend our homeland, I am not saying that the homeland is cheap and that we will not defend it, actually, it is our life, but we need the world, especially Arabs and Muslims to stand by us and stop being silent.

Ahmad Naim
11 years

The electricity was cut off and the weather was extremely hot, that’s what led Noor, my neighbor, and my friend, to get out of their home and sit by their door! Noor did not know then that the Israeli airplanes were stalking him, stalking his childhood, love, and peace, to launch their missile towards him and take his life!

My mom went to his funeral and when she came back; my sister asked her why she was crying since he is not her son. Mom replied he is a son to every Palestinian woman.

Salsabeel Sehwail
12 years

I hate Israeli aggression. I believe the one who was affected the most by the recent events was the mother of the child Khalil. Khalil was the only child of his mother and was killed by an Israeli missile. I have 8 sisters and no brothers, and if I had one and lose him in this way after 18 years of being with us, that would be heartbreaking! Israel Keeps killing innocence, the childhood, it deprives Palestinian mothers of their children killed in a cold blood.

Friday is my favorite day of the week because my dad usually comes back early from work, and it is the only day we have lunch together. It was a special day, so I asked my dad to bring us fish for lunch, frozen fish which is cheaper. He doesn’t gain much money from work, since he only sells vegetables on a donkey cart.

After we finished eating, the atmosphere out home was strange; people were talking about potential aggression. I felt like I was dreaming when I heard the explosions, I shook my head and covered my ears. It was not a dream! I started crying I don’t want to die. I looked around I was not the only one who was scared, even my parents were too! My mom ran to bring our official papers, like our IDs and birth certificates, which were already prepared since the last aggression.

I regretted that I asked my dad to buy fish for lunch, what if we needed the money in case something urgent happens? I promised myself to stay brave since everything is destined. I started distracting myself by drawing or making handicrafts. I slept early that day, but I woke up on the sound of loud explosions, we watched the news, and a man working on a donkey cart was targeted by a missile, I was shattered because my dad has the same work and it in a different circumstance, it could be him!

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