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Thursday 8 September 2022

PBBY aims through arts and crafts to develop fine motor skills followed by learning and working with shapes, colors, and pattern recognition. Children learn patience and enjoy the creative process which increases self-esteem. Making an art or a craft is also the opportunity to create and correct a mistake – a valuable life skill.

After the last Israeli aggression this early August, children need to have an activity for stress release to change their mental outlooks when their daily life is full of bad news. They need to demonstrate their creativity and improve their artistic talent and have recreational activities that refresh their troubled spirits. That’s why PBBY continues its work on giving a safe place for them to heal and move on.
We love seeing children develop their creative skills and grow in confidence by doing so. That’s why we held an art workshop at the al-Shawka library that is designed to inspire children to enjoy art and have fun. Children will be able to sustain a lifelong love for seeing things differently and expressing their ideas through painting in this workshop. A fully qualified Mr. Suhail Salem led the workshop, teaching them how to correctly grip and manipulate a paintbrush, hold pencils and markers firmly, and improve their eye-hand coordination.
Here are a few pictures that show how creative the children’s library is.

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