Children Writings # 3

Monday 15 March 2021 by Rania

This was published on the IBBY website under the IBBY Palestine National section page


I now Play with my Father

13 years

My dear father I write to you to tell you that I felt your presence more
and this is because of the Corona virus. Do not be surprised, for I
considered my father a secondary person in the house although he
provides for us all our needs and he goes through a lot of tiresome time
to provide our food in these tough circumstances in Gaza. But during
lockdown I felt how nice my father is and how close to me he is.
I started spending time with him. His occupations and work had kept
him away from us before. My father started to help us in house work,
also he draws with me, dances and plays with my toys.
How strange this world is, it is true that something bad can turn out

We can Conquer the Corona!

Age: 16 years

When the Corona pandemic started to spread I was very worried because
the whole world is ignorant of this fatal fast spreading pandemic. Ever
since it became dangerous, threatening all places in the world especially
Gaza, I started to think and research about this virus. There are people
who say it is a virus others who say it is an economic game, and still
others who are ignorant about it. I feared it more than anything to the
extent I felt that I was psychologically damaged.

However, after the passing of two months of lockdown and preventive
measures implemented, I became calmer and started returning to normal.
I was not reassured until I knew that my weapon is in my hand; that my
prevention, self protection and the protection of others are in my hand.
So, I started doing what I like but with all necessary health measures.
\Now I feel that this matter will vanish and we will remember it
someday and will write about it.

We Competed in Reading, Played and Illustrated

Age 12 years

All the time we are at home during lockdown. At the beginning of the
event I used to spend most of the time sleeping but after I communicated
with the IBBY librarian in the Ataa organization and she said they can
send us stories, books and papers to draw while we are home, I was very
happy and I started along with my sister Rouya to borrow the stories and
read them. We competed in reading, played and illustrated. We did not
feel that our free time was lost and we benefited a lot.

Now I love reading more than before!

Age 10 years

Since the beginning of the lockdown my mother was recording
educational videos for us to communicate with the teacher, she would
explain the lessons which we missed at school. After we finished the school curriculum, we felt bored but we followed instructions on how to spend our free time in an appropriate way. So I did sports, I helped my mother in housework, drew and read stories which we received at home from the IBBY librarian. I felt very happy
that I now love reading more than before!

Siege, Poverty and the Corona

Age 13 years

I live in an extended family, we live in one house and my father is the
provider for us. Without Corona my father could barely provide our
daily bread by selling some lupine.

When the lockdown was announced I heard my father and mother
talking about how we will eat and drink without work and we are in
lockdown. But I carried to them good news, I heard in the news that the
government will distribute what is necessary for the families during
lockdown. My mother and father laughed and it was not a happy laugh
and my mother said we are under siege and suffering hunger and tragedy
since a long time and no one helped us and no one can.

I was very sad, but my father said we still have the UNRWA card and
we will carefully use the food.

The most important thing is that God protected Gaza from Corona
during the siege. After a while, we decided to make a small table to sell
lupine in our house and we would clean well all our things. There were
only a few people who were buying because of the situation.
However, we cannot but thank God, for this is our situation since a long

Corona: no School, no Friends no Internet!

Age 12 Years

I feel very sad because all places are closed. Even the school which is
the only place I see my friends and learn. The school is the place where I
meet my closest friend Hanan.

Now without school, market, and business, even the seller of cotton
candy closed his place. I feel miserable when I speak with the neighbor
Dana from the window she says she is happy in the lockdown, because
she has internet to talk to her friends. I wish this virus had not come to
have mercy on me, on my school and friends.

However, I was happy when they announced that school will resume in
August, and I will see you my dear friend soon without sickness or a

Corona and the Environment

Age 14 years

All of us are annoyed at this cursed killer; but when I think deeply and I
see that communications travel, movement and industries have stopped
and pollution has decreased!

I say that this virus is both a blessing and a curse because it spared the
sky and earth and the ozone. The pollution which is coming from
industrial countries and the smoke of the factories has decreased. The
sky, earth, the trees, people and even animals had their share of pure air,
we and all the creatures of the environment breathed away from most of
the sources of pollution. It does not mean that this virus is good, it is
fatal, and we must all unite in its face by prevention, protection and

Afraid for my Father who is a Doctor

Age 11 years

When they took my father to the quarantine center the house became
depressed and I cried a lot but my mother reassured me.
We spoke to each other that my father’s career as a doctor made him
among the first to defend us all against this illness, after he was treating
people in lockdown. I was scared and not reassured until he finished
lockdown and came back to us in good health. He told us of the danger
of the virus and that prevention and staying home is protection for us,
for the country and others.

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