Children Writings #2 Sad Return to School

Thursday 5 August 2021 by Rania

I wish siege on Gaza is lifted & the crisis of UNRWA solved

Hala Abed
10 years

How I wished the school would start because for me, it is the place of love, happiness and fun, where we meet new friends. But because of the economic situation of the Palestinian people, the bad situation of the UNRWA, and the bad situation of the teachers with the deficiency of salaries, I no longer care for school or learning!

I wish siege on Gaza is lifted and the crisis of UNRWA solved so we can go to school with all our will and insistence. so as to build our society and to liberate the our land and al - Aqsa mosque with our learning and efforts.

No basic rights as children and no food or pretty cloth

Hanan Abu Lawli
14 years

The day we return to school is the day we return to books, friends and teachers. It is a beautiful day where we play and have fun at school with friends and we wear new clothes and carry pretty bags.

But, in our current situation, where we are dying from misery, deprived of the least of our rights, no food or pretty clothes. We wish that my father will work and provide our necessities.

We are 6 children all go to school and my father’s situation is bad; one day he works and four days he doesn’t. We spend our life suffering and spend our night with tears. We wish to buy from the vender but we find nothing to buy and we wish to participate in the journey organized by the school and we cannot. But school life is beautiful because it still receives us without fees.

I wish that you deliver our message to the world, tell them that there are children in Gaza and not all are adults.

I wish the world would look at Us with an eye of kindness

Rahaf al Hissi
9 years

I do not like the day of return to school because I feel sad being with the students without me wearing new clothes like others, and I did not buy a new bag. My cloth are all old from the aid of the neighbors and I do not buy copybooks like the students in the first days of school, except after I get help from people.
This is why I do not like to go to school. I wish the world would look at us with an eye of kindness.

With no books & notebooks … I feel sad & depressed

Haytham Abu Rizk
15 years

I wake up every morning to the sound of birds singing and I feel happy but when I remember that I will not get pocket money today and I do not have books or copybooks because of the economic situation in the Strip I feel sad and depressed and return to sleep again. After my mother has a hard time I wake up and go to school and at the school the teacher puts all the blame on us because of the deficiency of the salary and the bad situation of the UNRWA.
I wish that the crisis of the UNRWA will be resolved and also the situation of the Palestinian people.

I hope the siege will be lifted …the children only want to learn!

Hasan al Hissi
15 years

I love my beautiful school where I started my education.

My father works in agriculture, he works one day and doesn’t for ten days. I have 6 siblings and they all go to school. My father cannot provide for us the needs of the house like food, drink and clothing which every Palestinian child wishes for, and these are the least of our needs.

We yearn for the return of school to learn and be successful. My situation is very clear; like most of the children of Gaza Strip whose parents could not buy them their new school uniform. I try to ease things on my father as much as I can. I paste the papers from the old copybooks and put them together so I can write on it my lessons.

I hope the siege will be lifted and the division ends and we the children only want to learn!

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