Children Writings # 1

Monday 15 March 2021 by Rania

Children writing about their lives and feelings, as they have to face the Corona, the siege of Gaza and extreme poverty!

Nagham Abdel al Al
13 years old

We miss the black board upon which we write the lines of our dreams

This pandemic hit us and turned the world upside down and changed so much of our living. like closing the markets, shops, universities and schools, which affected us greatly. Whereby our studies stopped and our inability to continue our studies to build our future and a whole season was wasted.

We miss the chair and the black board on which we write the lines of our dreams and our future. We miss the square of the school which draws the smile on our faces as we play with our friends. How I miss saying this word, how I miss my friends, our laughs and our beautiful days which we lived in its sweetness and bitterness.

I ask God to break this cloud which turned our lives upside down and to help us overcome this trouble because we miss all that is beautiful like the school, the market and the street, all beautiful things were destroyed by the Corona virus. We pray to God the safety of everyone.

This Damned Virus

Ala’ al Hissi
10 Years

I am Ala’, I love my family very much but I love my father madly. I am the eldest in my family and my father has a lot of love for me and he works as a nurse in the Abu Youssef a Najjar hospital. I was afraid for my father a lot from being infected by this damned virus. My father would take all measures to keep us all in good health.
My father is joyful and we always play and run together. He takes us for entertainment to some simple places because of the difficult financial situation, he receives half a salary but we were sort of happy.

One day my father returned from work early and prepared a bag as if he will travel and as if I am saw the tears of goodbye in his eyes. I ran and jumped on his back wanting to joke with him, he embraced me with tears hanging between his eyelids ashamed to come down telling me that I will miss you and your siblings a lot. Here I was very terrified.

The fear started to move my tongue to ask my father where you want to go father. I started thinking of far away places and my mind wandered is it possible that my father has this damned virus, where are you going father? After moments of silence and thinking he said that he wants to go work in the Rafah crossing to receive and take care of the Gaza people stuck in the Egyptian side for a whole month, and they must have the health quarantine for 14 days.

I felt as if I will lose my father whom I cannot live one moment without his being close to me. I said to him how will we bear his absence and he replied that this is my human duty which I do since a long time.

Ever since my father left in the ambulance I suffer every day this deprivation. I wait for my father every morning at the breakfast table and lunch, I could not sleep until I kiss my father’s forehead and I would ask God to end this disaster from all countries and from Gaza where we suffer wars and siege and difficult conditions.

It is important to me that the siege on Gaza be lifted

Abdel Rahman al Hissi
11 years old

This Corona virus which invaded the whole world, this virus which the world suffers from and which also participated in the siege in Gaza strip that has been going on since years. I was not concerned with this virus because I did not feel its existence, I did not do the lockdown and neither did my father and my family because my father is unemployed and he is at home every day. I did not sterilize my hands and we did not buy sterilizers because we do not have the money for it. We only wash our hands with water and I do not care about this virus as much as I care that the siege on Gaza be lifted so my father can go to work. I want to see my father work so he can provide for our basic needs.

We wait for my father’s return to work and we do not care about this virus

Mohammad Barbakh
10 years old

I am the child Mohammad Abdel Aal, I am ten years old and my father works in a restaurant in the city of Gaza and he earns $10, he spends $ 6 for transport and what remains he spends on us. Suddenly this virus starts spreading in the world but I did not care much about it. As though it was a passing thing but I felt it after my father stopped work, and I no longer went to school. My father does not work and does not go anywhere, he sits with us at home, we wait for him to go back to work and we do not care about this virus, we want my father to provide our needs.

Illnesses in all their forms hurt the human being

Mohammad Barbakh
12 years

I am the child Mohammad I am 12 years old and I suffer from blood cancer. I suffered a lot until all my hair fell. I went for treatment abroad and took a lot of chemotherapy doses and was crying every minute, I lived moments of pain and knew what it means to be sick and the value of health until God helped me to recover from this illness. Now I suffer fragile bones and some distortion in my legs because of the chemotherapy.

Ever since I heard of this dangerous virus I always wear the mask and I take all guidelines which prevent me to catch this dangerous virus. I sat with my colleagues and parents telling them to take all precautions necessary to avoid this sickness, or any other because illnesses in all its forms hurt the human being and are very hard, our bodies cannot sometimes bear the treatment.

Autumn 2020

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