Return to School after the Closure

Monday 15 March 2021 by Rania

August 2020

How Lovely to go Back to School

Shahd Shloolla
13 years

The school year is very nice in spite the difficult beginning like, the high temperature and not preparing the schools properly to receive the children... Also, the mathematics class which I love, and I love the calculations during which I live the moments of thinking and scrutiny to answer them.
I met my old school teacher who planted in me the love of mathematics. I met my colleagues Shoroq and Ansam, the twin sisters who we compete with, in solving the difficult problems. The exciting competition began and the beautiful world of dreams, everything was beautiful.
The routine was back, waking up early, the morning breakfast was back, the smell of thyme, olives and oil which I cannot taste until school returns. The bread is filled in thyme and wrap in a piece of cloth and put in the bag with its nice smell.
I hope for the school year to be back, I wish that my country Palestine will be free and Gaza not under siege and no bombardment.
Also, I hope that you pray for the children of Gaza with love and peace.

We Returned to School with our Old Clothes!

Aseel Muhammad el Hissi
9 years

The summer vacation is nice because we play and have fun as children. However, I was thinking night and day with fear from the virus which is invading the world. I was always watching the television, seeing the news and what is happening in the countries of the world from the terror of the sickness. I was thinking how my life would go on and how I would return to school which is my life. Although our parents tried to distract us by going to the sea and some family visits which we did though, we were afraid to catch the virus. It was a vacation which had a mixture of fear and joy.
We returned to school in a very hot summer season and the school was very hot. We returned in our old clothes and there was no joy with the new school season. We hope that the coming days will be nicer and filled with love and peace.

I return to life once more, to my nice world!

Hamza Issa Abu Sunayma
15 years

I am talking of a new day, of the habits that had stopped since five months. The cup of mint tea which my mother prepares for me when she wakes up each morning with the call to the prayer of dawn, while we wake up and the attractive smell of mint is filling the house. I like to drink this cup of tea under the mulberry tree in front of our house where I see and reflect on the flying birds, the red sun coming up and I think of the children going to their schools. I look at the drops of dew which are falling drop by drop.
This is how I return to life once more, to my nice world and my new school year. My friend Jihad comes every morning and we go to school and talk of the bombardments. The rest of the classmates join us and we walk until we reach the school in a big group, we arrive while the bell is ringing and our school day starts. This is how we live our school life. God give us the grace of peace and freedom.

Everything Nice is Back in our Lives

Lana Ibrahim el Hissi
8 years

We run every nice morning and we go to school and meet friends and teachers. I look for my chair which I have missed and I look for the tree in the square of the school where we sit and talk of our childhood adventures. My nice teacher Suad who always smiles, reviews with us our studies and she is a good element in our life, we love her and our school; everything nice is back in our lives.

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