The Tears of Return

Thursday 21 January 2021 by Rania

Moustafa al Hissi
18 Years

The First Tear

When my father came running from the orange grove without shoes, on his face there were drops of sweat like little stars, he was calling my mother in a loud voice: come on gather the children, soldiers are everywhere, try to gather as much as you can of things and papers, and do not forget the piece of gold, it might be of benefit to us. My mother looked at me, and stretched her hand and put the pieces of gold on me ( the bracelet) and carried me along with my little brother, she went out of the house and stood on the doorstep, my father was preparing his horse and fastening him to the wagon, she put us on the wagon, and the horse started running and we began to fly from the bumps of the dirt road, every time he advances to run away from the soldiers, our neighbours rode with us on the horse wagon, we were four and after a while we became twenty people, we almost died of suffocation, the horse was very faithful, he ran until we reached a place where there was a big hill of sand, I knew afterwards that it was the entrance to the Gaza strip, the horse stopped and did not advance one meter, my father came down from his back and started to pull at him, but with no result, the horse came down on the floor, but after a while he put his big head on the dirt and started breathing heavily, then he died, I cried for him…

The second tear

We grew up in the camp, and the camp grew up in us, and the streets got old and the old people had more wrinkles, and people would sit a lot in front of the houses waiting for hope, my brother entered carrying a bag, my father looked at him saying: what are you carrying, he answered: I want to travel, the bread here is dry and scarce, I will look for a new place. My father did not answer and remained silent, my mother was standing and she sat down in the chair as if she collapsed, my brother left the house, and did not return for a long time, I cried once more and remembered the horse…

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