I like Gaza and I do not know why

Thursday 21 January 2021 by Rania

Rania Khaled Al Zaanin

I like Gaza and its streets and houses I don’t know why… I am not a child looking for a game to entertain her childhood.

Not a teenager who explodes in the first revolution of her feeling... not someone mad with no mind... not a rose seller who sells for lovers flowers to decorate their first date with love.. I am not one of these... nothing justifies this...

I love it... and my feeling of it gets bigger. It climbs like the trees, big like the mountains….. Its love and nothing justifies it...

I love it... there is nothing but imagination between us. A colorful world... warm cities... streets full of yelling... ways full of death... and madness unlike my growing up...

My love is the guilt I carry... that makes me heavy... nothing justifies this... I love Gaza!

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