Voices coming after me

Thursday 21 January 2021 by Rania

Riham Wassif Al Zaanin

I would get scared and confused when I hear a sudden loud voice like that of a sneeze or a door or screaming and the most thing that paralyses me is the sound of a shell, and unfortunately for me our house is close to the border, and I tremble when there is this sound, I freeze for a second and I feel I am separated from life, when I hear its loud voice my body or head shakes a little at the moment of the sound, and there is a pulse in my heart for a long time.

The problem is that every time I sit with a group of friends or people or even my parents in the house I am very nervous.

It all started at school only if the teacher talks in a loud voice or someone sneezed. But now the condition is with me all the time everywhere even at home with my parents, and this made me go into seclusion so no one notices these symptoms.

Then I thought of laughing out loud, I liked the idea, when I feel that the sound will make me scared and worried I would laugh, and everything around me laughs, I now like the sounds because I laugh and the world laughs with me…

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