Happy Day

Thursday 21 January 2021 by Rania

Hanan Abu Loli
12 years

I share my friend Amal in the brown wooden seat behind in the class, I am always before her in sitting next to the blue window which gives a view of the school square, I like sitting next to the window, my friend tried once to get before me by the window, I felt she took my place and love of the window… I was very angry, so I decided not to sit on this seat, and sat elsewhere, she didn’t realize that I did not sit next to her…

The school day ended, she looked for me but did not find me, because we are used to come together and go home together and talk on the way…

She came to our house asking about me, she said: why didn’t you wait for me, I said: you took my place by the window and you know I like to sit by the window… she did not answer and went home… in the early morning of a new school day, she came and said I want to talk to you… I listened to her she said: there is a rose in the school garden and I wanted to watch it through the window because I want to give it as a gift to you, I was watching it in fear of someone picking it up…

I embraced my friend and told her I love you, we entered the class together, we saw a big red rose on the seat, she said: this is the rose I watched for you…and a chance to express my love for you. Usually the happy moments are preceded by difficult moments and we might feel sometimes that life has stopped, and happiness does not exist, and the happy day is just an illusion, but we discover later that happy days are coming in spite of everything.

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