She is a Mother!

Thursday 21 January 2021 by Rania

By Samar Mohammad

She is a mother of this universe
A strong mother like an enduring olive
A mother who brings up men who build generations
She raises the flag of freedom
She faces bullets, tanks, and aggression
In a night which has become a title for martyrdom
She says goodbye to a son or husband or father
She is the mother of the martyr and the sister of the prisoner and the wife of the wounded
She restores in her heart the breaths of pain and complaint
She walks barefoot on the soil of the homeland
She always comes up like the beams of the morning
Like a sun hidden behind the mountain

She is a pure mother
A wonderful flower
A solid rock
She is a mother who cannot be defeated or withered or silenced
Behind the bars of the occupiers
She is a warm heart
She is the tune of the morning
And the perfume of the evening
She is the master of this universe
She is a star in a dark sky
She is the sun for every morning
She is a homeland, a lifetime and a life
She is the past and present and future

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