Great Revolution

Thursday 21 January 2021 by Rania

By Simar Mohammad (15 years)

In the curves of this universe a woman exists
with pain in her soul
And on her heart a lot of scars
And in the darkness of the night she cries her share from the world
And in the coldness of the winter she calls her God
She sheds tears and breathes anger
She calls on her God to feel secure or be close to him

She is an orphan deprived of her legacy
Mistreated by those close to her and robbed of her money
He is the brother of mercy she was taken from his heart
What is the benefit of the money collected
Her hands are stretched to the tribunal of the sky

She is small not yet fifteen
In a night full of lights and noise
They pulled her to the cage of marriage
They danced and sang and distributed their sweets
They left her in a cold room
Looking for a mother
Asking for deliverance from a life they imposed
Looking for her doll and booklet and braid
They tore it all or threw it or even burned it
Hasn’t she endured coldness, hunger, poverty and desertion
And in return oppression and mistreatment
It is a revolution
Yes a great revolution
In the face of every oppressor and
It is she, she the only revolutionary there

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