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Monday 17 December 2018

Hala Saleh -13 Years
Riham al Zaaneen- 15 years

My name is Hala, I was born in 2005, on a day of Eid el Fitr, it was at a late hour of the night. I like playing and to fun and my favorite color is rose. I live in Jerusalem, it is the most beautiful city in the world in my opinion. I will talk of the cake of Jerusalem, the most delicious food I tasted, I love it, I go with my family to buy it and we eat it at home.

Now, I will talk about the martyrs and the Zionist occupation, and also of other issues. When I heard of the martyr who died as he was going home at a late hour, the soldiers saw him and pointed their guns at him, and shot him in the head. This martyr is from my family and his name is Mohammad Munir Saleh, I will never forget that I felt great sadness inside me, and this affected me a lot.

If I were to talk of a challenge that faces me every day, we the students when we go to our school we challenge the Israeli occupation daily.. because the Israeli occupation does not want us to learn so as to remain ignorant and not know anything about our country.
when we go to the Aqsa Mosque to pray we are challenging the occupation, because the occupation does not like us to be connected to our city and to our heritage. I like the Dome of the Rock and I feel it is like my second mother, I feel comfortable and secure when I am in it.

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