Stories by the Children of Jerusalem Illustrated by the children of Gaza My Favorite Child

Monday 17 December 2018

Hala Jaabari – 8 Years
Imad Hissi & Hamza Abu Sinieh 13 years

I live in Jerusalem, like a bird whose heart is full of sorrow, despite that no one can resist the joy of being in Jerusalem; so I promised myself to liberate Jerusalem at all costs, nothing will stop me, I will resist, and will offer my soul to Jerusalem.

I like the Dome of the Rock a lot, and every time I see sadness on the Aqsa Mosque I feel that there is inside me a child that wants to fly at any time and day by day Jerusalem becomes important to me.

One day when I travelled with my family to Jordan, I felt lonely and was sad. When the time came to return I was happy. I learned from that day that I am a piece of my homeland and cannot leave it. I will stay every minute here in My Jerusalem. My only dream is that the occupation disappears from My Favorite Child!

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