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Wednesday 10 March 2021


We in the school of Bisan for Special Education of the Association for Social

Qualification and Training in Nusairat extend our thanks for the art activity

implemented ( 3- 13 \6 \2018).

The training in fine arts and illustrations targeted 15 students who have hearing and

learning impairment. The outcome was wonderful in spite of the limited time.

These are our observations:

The students came early before the time of the activity by one hour, which is an

indication of the students’ enthusiasm and their desire to participate which was


At the end of the activity the students went out satisfied and happy and affirmed

their attendance of the next meeting.

The mutual desire from the trainer and the students to continue the activity and

increase the time.

The outcome of the students in drawing was creative so the school administration

wanted to have a special wall in the school as a permanent presentation for those

beautiful drawings.

We discovered the artistic talents and the ability of the students to draw and color in

a wonderful way.

Moreover, even some children who did not possess the talent of drawing surprised

every one,by their way of coloring after the trainer trained and directed their work


Talents were discovered and elevated and redirecting some students towards

drawing and this was reflected through the subjects that were drawn and colored.

Also the students wanted to share their pride and joy of their productions, the works

they learned and made with the school administration.

The students emphasized their desire to continue the activity and to increase the

days for the activities of fine arts and drawing.

The art activity helped the students to release the energy and their stress as a result

of the miserable circumstances of Gaza which does not have suitable places of

entertainment for them.

We emphasize once more our thanks to IBBY Palestine for implementing art

activities for the handicapped and we wish that you continue to have such activities

for them.

Please accept our thanks and appreciation

The Director of the School

Samah el Helou

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