Children Solidarity: Letters of Apprection

Monday 6 April 2015

Letters of the Children of Gaza to the Children of Pakistan

Al Sikka Library
Anwar Fayyad- 11 years

When our house was destroyed I felt lonely and nobody encouraged me to return to my normal life. But thanks to the support of the children of Pakistan with some of your simple handcraft work I felt there is someone beside me… Thank you very much, I love you because you appreciate the difficulties we are passing through as Palestinian children deprived of our minimum rights.

Amir Shabat- 11 years

I thank very much the children who drew and made the gifts we received. I will keep these presents because it offers me great psychological support. I will keep this works with my things and daily diaries. I thank the children who contributed to these gifts.

Malik Shabat- 12 years

I am very happy with the presents offered to us by the children of Pakistan. These presents gave us a push to communicate with the world and with more children; to look to the future with more optimism despite the difficulties and the situation we are passing through. I hope peace comes to all countries and we are with the children of Pakistan just like the children of Pakistan support us.

Mona al Zaanin- 13 years

A word of love and appreciation and a salute of loyalty filled with all meanings of brotherhood and friendship, a salute from the heart to the heart, thank you from all my heart. I thank the children of Pakistan who felt with us and expressed their love and support for us and for peace with their little hands. I love them very much.

Fadi Hamad- 10 years

I would like to very much thank the children of Pakistan who offered us beautiful presents. It is they who initiate sending these simple works to us, but it is great in its meaning and their support for us. Few children in the world try to do things with their hands and send it to children in need of support and help in their daily suffering. I felt the true meaning of this different and distinguished support.

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