Children Testimonies: We Felt Death Every Minute!

Tuesday 31 March 2015

Children Testimonies: Days of Horror

We Felt Death Every Minute!

We were at home on Friday night and we heard the sound of shells being fired from the occupiers on our neighbourhood. We couldn’t sleep all night because of the shelling; it was a difficult day and a bloody night, all my brothers in one room and their screaming hurt me and my mother’s crying wounded my heart. Every minute we felt death!

In the morning my father called many drivers so that we could leave the house but they all refused to come; we walked at eight in the morning about two hours. We had with us only our clothes, and the sound of shells is above our heads, and I cannot express our tremendous fears while walking in the street.

We reached a house of a friend of my father; we went in, to catch our breath and my father called a car to take us to the city of Khan Younis at a relative’s of ours. After a few minutes of our arrival, we heard shells next to the house; so the fears increased as the house of our refuge, became threatened with shelling more than the area we had left.

After a few hours we heard news that the Israelis reached our house. I felt that all the houses were destroyed and the lands were torn away by the brutal occupation. I felt depressed and a loss of life, because our home is my life and childhood, I grew up in it and my little toy and pretty kitten which I used to play with every day, also my dreams which I drew in it, are all these pretty things are gone? I don’t believe it!

Many weeks passed and there were news and rumors, many people died and my uncle called his friends to be reassured about them. The next day we went in my uncle’s car to our house and we saw the houses with shells in them. I was shocked to see much the area had changed. When we reached our neighborhood it was ruined, the sand was very high and the area is destroyed and the trees smashed.

We reached our house and we found ten shells in it, the house is destroyed and not fit to live in, it is burnt and there is nothing in it; the trees around our house are not there! I cried a lot, and my father was crying for he does not work and we have no money to build the house. Moreover, there is no construction material to build it, as Gaza is under siege.
We did not know where we will go, our neighborhood is all ruined. My uncles’ homes are destroyed and they are all crying, and we do not know where we will go?!

We went to my uncle’s house in the area and it was partially bombed. There were many families and all in one house, more than forty individuals, men and women.
This is our situation until now, and we thank God for it. We say may God be of help to the mothers of the martyrs!

Rawan Jum’a Barbakh- (14 years)

Al Shawka Library

Translated by H. Ruhayyem

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