Children Testimonies: I Looked to the Sky Asking for Mercy

Tuesday 31 March 2015

Children Testimonies: Days of Horror

I Looked to the Sky Asking for Mercy

From the first day of the war the Israeli military planes were bombing the arable lands next to our house, we were very afraid. The planes were bombing at all times night and day and their horrific sounds did not leave the place; then came the land invasion.

We heard the shells and fire which did not differentiate between the houses. The planes were bombing haphazardly and a shell hit our house directly in the upper floor, and the shrapnel scattered around us. We were besieged in the house and I was very afraid. The truce was at ten o’clock in the morning and we started escaping from the area to UNRWA school. The Israeli shelling reached the school, we ran away from school to a relative’s in the Junayna neighborhood.

On Friday there was escalation between the resistance and the Israeli occupation so we went to the area of Khirbet al Adas. Soon after we arrived, the neighbors’ house we went to, was bombed. I was sad for the family and I cried for what I saw of terrifying scenes. After that we went to the school of al Sikka, where I saw the suffering and learnt that my two friends were killed on Friday in the Rafah massacre. Nagham Al Namla and Fatima Al Aarja, were my best friends and I loved them so much may God rest their souls.

After this horror, I suffered from a severe psychological condition from what I saw. My body trembled and my eyes cried. I was very sad and I looked to the sky asking for mercy for us and for our children, so that God will spare us this suffering and end this aggression. I cried for the mothers who had lost their children, for the sadness of their heart and their eyes. This is the first war that wipes out whole families. I ask God that there will be peace and Gaza will be victorious.

Nourhan Yacoub Abu Sunayma (12 Years)
Al Shawka library October 2014

Translated by Hadi Ruhayyem

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