Children Testimonies: Our Destroyed Home

Sunday 29 March 2015

Children Testimonies: Days of Horror

Our Destroyed Home

I am the child Malak, I am 11 years old. I will tell you about the war on Gaza for the year 2014 after I had told my story for year 2012.

When the land war came on the Gaza district, the population of Beit Hanoun were being exposed to bombardment, death and destruction. The occupation forces bombed an arable land next to our house in al Zaytoun neighborhood, next to the Ataa Society. Our house was hit. I and my brothers Amir, Mohammad and Ahmad were sleeping in the hall of the house because of the danger we feared would get to us, for the last war had hit our house and the shrapnels filled all the walls of the house, so we were afraid to sit in this room and decided to sleep in the hall. But danger did not leave us and shrapnels and hot clay and sand fell on us. My brother Ahmad was hit in the face and hand after we almost closed our eyes.

This scene was terrifying and we were very afraid, and more so when I saw my brother Ahmad bleeding. My father called the ambulance who took us to hospital. Then we went to sleep in my grandfather’s house. When the bombing became stronger and things got worse, we ran away to Gaza city where we suffered a lot to find a place to sleep, and the water was very salty and the destruction did not leave us. The occupation forces bombed the Italian compound and the Basha tower and we suffocated from smoke and shelling.

But the resistance was fighting well and taught them many lessons. We were always following up on the news to be reassured about the things and house we had left in Beit Hanoun, but the occupation had destroyed it completely like other neighbours’ houses.

I lost my toys, clothes and many of my things; some new. During the last truce we went back to our house and I cried to see it destroyed. Now we do not find a place to live; some relatives welcomed us for some time but we do not have a house to play in, and no clothes and toys like the ones we had.

Name: Malak Shabat
Age: 11 year
Al- Ataa (destroyed library)

Translated by H. Ruhayyem

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