Children Testimonies: No Safe Place

Sunday 29 March 2015

Children Testimonies: Days of Horror

No Safe Place

We were in the month of Ramadan but we did not feel this holy month because the war made us forget hunger but not fear and terror. We love peace but the Zionists love death, destruction and killing.

I was very afraid during the aggression, the shells were everywhere; we used to hide in the room of the stairs supposing it was safe, but unfortunately there was no safe place especially in Beit Hanoun. When we felt that danger was getting close to us, my parents and my uncle and his married children decided to leave for our lives’ sake. Each one of us started preparing some clothes and important papers thinking it is only a few days and we shall return.

We started off in the early morning after a night of darkness, fear, sadness, crying and loss of safety. We went on foot after we failed to provide transportation because of the difficulty of the situation. We reached the house of a relative in the Jabalia camp. We went through a hard time in fear of who was left of our relatives in Beit Hanoun. I feared for my sisters and their little children, and I started crying when I heard the big explosions in the sky of our stricken city. My heart was not reassured until the relatives got out to safe areas, I mean safer than Beit Hanoun, but it was not so.

We spent a week at our relatives’ house, but we were surprised that danger followed us everywhere. A nearby house was bombed from a plane and then from an F16 plane, which led to 8 children falling martyrs as well as to the damage of the house we were living in, which became not fit for living in. We ran away quickly, everybody was exclaiming “God is great” and running away leaving everything behind.

We moved to the apartment of one of my uncle’s friends which was empty and in Gaza square. It was not safe but there was no place else. There was no water and no electricity. Everything we were living was a dream, a nightmare actually, because no one could believe it was true! We followed up on the news, everyone heard that our neighbor’s house was bombarded, my cousin’s house as well, also my two sisters’ house. Everyone was crying over their homes, and my brother had some cattle which was killed by the shrapnels of the bombardment.

During the truce we went back to our home to see the amount of destruction caused by the occupation. The houses were destroyed, and every time there was a truce we would go back to check on our homes because the malicious occupation does not commit to a truce or to anything. It was a terrorizing and difficult war as though it was an unbelievable war movie!

Name: Hussam Hamad Age: 13 years
Al Ataa Library ( Destroyed library)

Translated by Hadi Ruhayyem

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