Report by al-Ataa librarian on the destruction

Saturday 30 August 2014

Report by the al-Ataa librarian on the Damages of al-Ataa Charitable Society and library as a result of Israeli Aggression on Gaza 2014

All the Darkness in the World Cannot Hide the Light of a Beaming Candle


Al-Ataa Charitable society was established in 2000 in Beit Hanoun. It was a magnificent building and a pioneer in offering services to the whole Palestinian through providing programs that promote the development of the Palestinian community. However its main aim was the development of children’s capabilities, educationally and psychologically offering a safe and warm environment. The society had a beautiful library that was supported by IBBY and became a success story. The society aimed also at empowering women and young adults and offered programs for children with special needs aiming at strengthening their role in the community..

On Sunday 18/7/2014 at dawn the Israeli Occupation army targeted al-Ataa Charitable society resulting in the destruction of the building, partially but heavily, which included several specific activities related to the projects. Among these are: the library which is supported by IBBY; the gender project, supported by UNRWA with its various activities; MA’AN Center project whose equipment, tools and appliances were damaged.

On Thursday 28/7/2014 at dawn and before the humanitarian truce ended by one day the Israeli Occupation forces targeted the Society with a direct rocket from F16 which completely destroyed the whole building and leveling it to the ground. With this, Beit Hanoun lost a huge Institute serving all the sections of the Palestinian community consisting of children, women, youth, and those with special needs. Those children and their families have been affected also by the attack. They were robbed of their rights, homes and security.

The building/library before and after.

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