Writings of Children with Hearing Impairment

Sunday 16 February 2014

Stories about their lives, aspirations and about life in Gaza*

Stories written by children with hearing impairment about their life and aspirations*

I Like to Be

Name: Abdallah Khalil Kallab

Age: 14 years

I wish for myself and others to live in love and dignity. I wish that the world is modest and does not differentiate between rich and poor, big and small, disabled and healthy. I was born with a hearing impairment. I felt that people around do not want to play or befriend me because I do not hear and speak and this made me sad. However my family loves me and never neglected me. They sent me to school for children with hearing impairment like me. There we studied like other children. I started to read, write and understand what was said. I did not feel shy about myself because I did not participate in the different aspects of life. I started to love life and knew what I wanted. Then I felt the beauty of life and friends and everything that surrounds me.

Stones of Hard Clay

My name: Jana Muhammad al-Farra

Age: 13 years

There was a little girl whose name was Jana who was 13 years old and lived with her family which consisted of 8 members: the father the mother and the kids. Jana had a small dream of owning a little red car to go every Friday with her family to the Park.

On November 14 Jana’s father Mohammad bought a car like the one Jana dreamt about, and told her to close her eyes and took her to the car park which was under the North side of their house. When they arrived there, he asked her to open her eyes. When Jana opened her eyes, she was very happy because she saw what she was dreaming of day and night! Her father told her: “come on get into the car! We are going for a tour around the city. She said: what about my brothers and mother? He told her: today is Wednesday; we are going for a picnic on Friday but today only you and I are going because that has been your little dream since you were little.

Jana went with her father, but close to the evening prayer, the Israeli military aircrafts started bombing the car of the activist Ahmad al-Ja’bari. Jana was very scared and she suggested to her father to go back home.

When she arrived home she saw that their house has turned into ashes; her mother and three of her brothers were killed (martyred), her older brother and her older sister were both seriously injured.

The father could not bear the situation. He prayed to God and was patient and went to help the Resistance to revenge for his family and his house that was demolished by Israeli attacks, while Jana was crying for the death of her mother and brothers like all Palestinian families.

What is happening?

My name: Doha Atef Shaath

Age: 14 Years

Twelve years old Mohammad woke up at the sound of violent shelling; fear filled his small eyes, and he asked: What is happening? What are these sounds? Why is my family scared? Why is my younger brother bleeding? Oh God, what is happening? His older sister came and hugged him to calm down his fear. He was not scared as much as being shocked. He asked her: what is happening? She informed him that their enemies, the Zionists, shelled their home, targeting them while they were asleep and hit their two years old brother with a shrapnel.She told him that the occupiers army targeted children, their dreams and their hopes. However, Mohammad did not hear anything other than airplanes sounds and shooting. He did not see anything except destruction and blood. His young heart loves Palestine in spite of fear and aggression.

Our Old Home

My name: Wardeh Khaled al-Farra

My age: 13 years

Another war happened after 4 years of the last war that took place in 2008-2009. It brought violence, more shelling, and explosions. Where shall we go? We moved a second time from our home, which is located at the edge of the fire zone, to our family’s old home in the town centre.

We don’t know if this home was happy for our return or sad, because of our situation. Its rooms were crowded with sleeping people in every corner. Most of them would wake up at the sound of an explosion, whispering with ambiguous statements which no one understood except that they are asking for help from God. Then they would fall asleep again as if nothing has happened like in a dream. Oh, I wish it were a dream.

My short story

My Name: Islam Ibrahim Alayan

Age: 12 years

I am a little girl in the sixth grade. I was to be born deaf. I live in a simple house full of love. I live a very normal life with my family but I face some difficulties. I face people who mock me and make fun of me, and some others who pity me. Sometimes I feel sad because I do not hear voices that I love to hear like the voice of my beloved mother, or the voice of the birds singing in the morning... but in vein.

However, at the same time I feel I am lucky because I gained God’s love and everything I want you to know is that I am a human being and I have a brain that thinks and a beating heart and very sensitive feelings.

Hopes ... but?

I am a little girl. I have hopes and dreams. I wish they come true and not be destroyed or broken. I wish I could finish my education and be a successful member of the society. I hope that people do not make fun of me. I wish that they trust me and respect my capabilities and skills. I wish to be equal with other people and to get my rights. In order that these wishes can be true they need listening ears to listen to what I say and to understand and support my thoughts or ideas. But I always wonder where they are?!

I want to be an effective member in the society

My name: Ala’ Zu’rob

Age 14 years

I start my speech by thanking God the All mighty. I am a beautiful girl; I go to school; I love my teachers and friends. After school I go to my beautiful house where I spend time with my family: my father, my mother, my brothers and my sisters. I kiss my mother’s hands because I love her and she is the closest to my heart.

I am a deaf girl. At the beginning I was very sad. I could not talk or hear. I faced problems. People did not want to talk to me or befriend me. But now I go to my beautiful school, it is special school for the deaf. There I found new friends. I started writing and reading using sign language. Here people understand me and I understand them. Then and only then I felt that I am an effective Member of society.

Will your mother wake up again?

Name: Salma Ma’az Alfarra

Age: 15

We the Palestinians, are steadfast in Gaza facing the continuous attacks by the oppressive Israeli army who waged horrific war on us, destroying houses, mosques and centres even graves, killing women, children and old people.
My heart grieved a lot for the destruction of Gaza.

It was very painful to see the scene of a baby sitting near his martyred mother, waiting for her to wake up. She will never wake up, and he will never sleep in her warm bosom again! May God bless the soul of our martyrs and heal our wounds. God strengthen our faith and endurance till we free our land and victory prevails.

(*) These were the outcome of activities of PBBY with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society for Special Education School: Khan Younis, Gaza

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