Thanks and Appreciation

Monday 10 February 2014

PBBY extends its deepest thanks and appreciation to all those who supported our membership embraced or facilitated our work, or supported PBBY Children in Crisis project in Gaza, Occupied Palestine. We especially extend our thanks to the following organizations:

  • International Board on Books for Young People
  • MA’AN Development Center — Palestine
  • International Board on Books for Young People – US Section
  • International Board on Books for Young People – UK Section
  • International Board on Books for Young People – Irish Section
  • IBBY-Yamada Fund
  • Paterson Family Foundation, US
  • United Palestinian Appeal
  • Tamer Institute for Community Education— Palestine
  • Al Nasher – Palestine
  • Nami Island Team
  • Dar al- Shorok Bookshop— Palestine
  • Dar Kalimat for Publishing – Sharjah
  • Book Aid International

Special thanks go to the following personalities/ friends:

  • Patsy Aldana President of the IBBY Foundation and Trust
  • Elizabeth D’Angelo Serra Secretary General Brazilian IBBY
  • Vagn Plenge Danish Publisher
  • Ahmad Redza Ahmad Khairuddin Malaysian Section President
  • Chieko Suemori Furuta Japanese IBBY , ex EC Member
  • Manorama Jafa, General Secretary Indian INBY
  • Katherine Paterson, US writer
  • Anne Carter, Canadian writer
  • Ann Lazim Expert in Children Literature
  • Ellis Vance American Professor
  • Noushin Ansari, Secretary General Iranian IBBY
  • Liz Page Executive Director of IBBY
  • Fatima Sharafeddine, Lebanese writer
  • Beverley Naidoo, South African writer
  • Elizabeth Laird, British writer
  • Wally De Doncker Belgian writer
  • Sami Khader, Social Development Expert
  • Saleem Zaru, Social Development Expert
  • Luciana Savaget, Brazilian writer
  • Deborah Ellis, Canadian writer
  • Tunisian artist Raouf Karray
  • Michael O’Brien, Irish Publisher
  • Jessica Powers, American writer
  • Saad Abdul Hadi, Palestinian Publisher
  • MA’AN Development Center Team mainly R. Ja’abary & R. Ramadan
  • Elsa Marston, American writer
  • Ulla Lundberg, ex- President of Swedish IBBY
  • Rania Helou, Social Work Activist

Due thanks go out to many of my family members, in particular Amal Helou Karam and Hadi Ruhayem.

We extend our deepest thanks to our friend Dr Adli Hawwari, for the wonderful and persistent work in helping to bring this web page to life.

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