Variety of Meetings

Monday 10 February 2014

Variety of Meetings

There were many interesting meetings with Palestinian writers and experts that were not documented in soft copies.
• Very important meetings were with the Palestinian writers in which they talked about their life in writing and how they grow up to become writers. This was published in Tamer’s institute magazine “Taif”

• PBBY hosted the Palestinian writer Salman Natour who spoke on “Palestinian Literature inside the Green Line” It was a very interesting meeting as with the Israeli closures and check points Palestinians in the Occupied Territory cannot reach Palestinians inside the Green Line.

• PBBY hosted the photographer Rich Wiles of the Refugee Center Lajee’ at Aida Camp in Bethlehem who introduced us to the valuable activities and publications of their Center.

Moreover, it was very essential to understand about racism in Israeli children books we had two very lively and informative meetings with:

• The writer Salman Natour, who spoke on" the making of the hero in the Zionist children’s literature”

• The story teller and expert Denise As’ad and speak on “Racism in the Israeli Children’s Literature”.

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