Intense Darkness

Monday 10 February 2014

It is night now and darkness is all over our home. In a winter cold night the family gathered around the heater. The head of the family sat and near him sat his youngest son and the other children surrounded him. At that time the mother was preparing dinner in the kitchen. There was a knock at the door, the father opened it to find that his family came to visit him though he and his children had visited them a short while ago.

But that day they came following the dream of his mother that he fell into a deep well. This horrible dream and the screaming of her son seeking help worried her so much. She insisted on her husband to go stay with their son. So true is the saying that mothers hearts feel what is coming.

Two days after being in her son’s house a special force came and took him from amongst his family. What was the reason for his arrest?!!! Do the rulers of the world know what is he guilty of?!!

The answer is with the occupation… It is that he is a member of the stir-up faction against the Zionist army. The Israeli court ordered that the man be imprisoned for fifty years.

What remains of his life to spend it in prison and he is over 54 years? Not as much as what has passed. He was deprived of seeing his parents, children and wife. The family endured their calamity they. They were forbidden to visit him.

The court declaration was not enough. The prison administration tortured the prisoner. His health deteriorated and he was not shown to a doctor or treated. Soon his pure soul went back to its creator.

This is one form of the torture we see from the occupation and are obliged to live with.

Name: Shereen al Hassi

Age: 17 years

PBBY Library

Rafah – Al Shawka

Translated by Amal H. Karam

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