A Dialogue in the Morgue

Monday 10 February 2014

This dialogue is between two little Palestinian sisters who died by bombardment in Gaza . (Lama is the younger one).

Lama: It is too cold here, why is the grave too cold and shiny like metal?

Hiba: This is not a grave; this is the morgue, which we used to see on TV.

Lama: Do you think our class mates will see us?

Hiba: Of curse, we are martyrs now.

Lama: Is it possible I am a martyr now? I am too young; I wanted to become a
doctor when I grow up not a martyr.

Hiba: Go to sleep now, tomorrow we are going to God; we have to wake up early.

Lama: you know, I really wanted to know what happens at the end of the soap opera
we were watching; do you think they have TV in heaven ?.. I am still cold.

Hiba: Come and lie beside me.

Lama: Do you think when we go to God they will put me in hell?

Hiba: Why, what have you done to deserve that?

Lama; Last week I took Iyad’s pencil and I didn’t return it back, do you think he is
angry with me?

Hiba: No, No, don’t worry about that, Iyad now will be praying for you.

A few moments of silence while photographers are taking pictures.

Lama: what time are we going up tomorrow?

Hiba: I don’t know, there were many martyrs today, there will be crowding tomorrow.

Lama: tomorrow I will look for Sheikh Yassin (dead leader of Hamas) and say hello to him

Hiba: And I will find Yasser Arafat

Lama: yes, you always liked Fatah better

Hiba: yes, but you like Hamas and I still don’t know why.

Lama: Our dad loves Ham,

Hiba: But our mom loves Fatah.

Lama: why don’t they bring us food here

Hiba What food, we are dead what is the matter with you?

Lama: Dead? Not a minute ago you said we were martyrs, and I am hungry

Hiba: Wait until morning and you’ll eat in heaven

Lama: I don’t want to be a martyr any more I want to go home.

Hiba: where do you want to go you poor thing?

Lama: I want to go back home

Hiba: Our home is destroyed, there is not one stone left standing.

Lama: I will go to the mosque

Hiba: the mosque also has been destroyed. Now our home is with God.

Lama: that is better, are there any schools there?

Hiba: No, no schools

Lama: is there a war over there?

Hiba: I don’t know, may be.

Lama: I want to know why I died.

Hiba: We Palestinians always die, what is the big deal?

Lama : If I was home now I will make a sandwich, I will die for a sandwich.

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