Timo and Farfur

Monday 10 February 2014

Timo and Farfur by Muna Wasef Azzaneen, 10 years

Once upon a time there was a 9 year old boy named Timo, an only son to his parents. He liked to play and have fun but did not have any friends at school in spite of his excellent achievements. Timo suffered from being sick in his chest and from loneliness. His parents tried to treat him but his body did not respond to the medicine.

One day, while Timo was sitting alone, he tried to imitate animal voices of a rooster, dog, cat and pigeons, but this did not make him happy. Suddenly, he tried a soft, high and funny voice and started laughing. He continued imitating this sound until he forgot his real voice. He called the new voice Farfur and kept using it at school which attracted the students to him and made them happy. Also Timo forgot his sickness and his health improved which made his parents happy too

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